School Visitors

A friendly reminder that all school visitors are to check in with the office upon arriving at school. This is a very important part of our Safe School procedures at Queen Elizabeth Elementary. Thank You

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2015-16 Yearbooks

We are now accepting orders for our 2015-16 Yearbooks. If interested, please order through the office. They are $15.00.

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Upcoming Events at QEES, April 2016.

Queen Elizabeth Literacy Night

Join us for Literacy based games and activities on …

cartoon boy reading

April 28th, 6-7:15.

clip art family readingAll grade levels are welcome. There will be plenty of games and prizes to be won as well as refreshments! Part of the night includes a “Bring a book, Take a book” station so please bring a book or two to reading in chair

  • Station A Book Making ~ Outside Multi Purpose room
  • Station B Board Games/Activities / Magnetic Letters ~Gym
  • Station C Graffiti Wall ~ Main Lobby
  • Station D Bring a Book ~ Take a Book
  • Station E Author ~ Library
  • Station F Literacy Websites ~ Computer Lab
  • Station G Writers Workshop ~ Book Room
  • Station H Quiet Reading ~ Lobby
  • Station I Music Station ~ Music Room
  • Station J French Station Grades 4, 5, & 6 Only


Safety Protocol

In keeping with Safety Protocols, school doors are locked shortly after the start of the school day and remain locked throughout the day. All persons must enter the school through the main doors and sign in at the office before proceeding beyond the lobby. Parents are discouraged from knocking on glass doors to enter either the primary or elementary boot rooms. Remember to send signed notes for when your child is to be released to leave the school with anyone other than his or her parent or when your child requires an alternate bus from his or her usual bus.  Anyone wishing to see a teacher during the school day will also need to enter through the main door and sign in at the office.   The safety of all persons while on the grounds or inside QEES is paramount. Thank you for your compliance.


Except for the main door, all other doors will be locked through the school day. All visitors must enter through the main doors between 8 a.m. and 3:30 p.m.


The Breakfast Program run by the Home & School would appreciate nut-free toast toppings and volunteers.  Thank you for the Cheese Whiz and jam!  Contact Angie at 902-836-4600.

Since QEES is a Nut-Free students, please ensure that if peanut butter is eaten at home before school, hands are washed thoroughly before arriving at school.

Please be vigilant about checking for head lice.  

Students who are dropped off at school before 8:10 a.m. are unsupervised.  The main parking lot is for school buses. Please do not drive towards the front door or the elementary doors to drop off students; all students are to be dropped off by the primary doors only. No food nor drinks are allowed on buses.

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