Friday, March 27th

Hello Parents,

We will have no bus transportation again tomorrow so we will be following the same plan as today. Drop-offs can begin at 7:50 am and pick-ups are at 2 pm (A-L) and 2:20 pm (M-Z).

Today went very well, thanks for your patience.

R. MacArthur

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QEES Alternate Student Transportation Plan

Alternate Student Transportation Plan
Queen Elizabeth Elementary
Thursday,March 26th

1. Unfortunately, we will have no bus runs so students will need to get their own transportation to school.  All staff will park at the top level of parking lot to give more room for student drop-off.

Grade K,1,2,3 students can be dropped off at normal location near the K-3 boot-room doors.
Grade 4,5,6 students can be dropped off near grade 4-6 boot-room doors.

* When dropping off, vehicles are asked to pull up near the sidewalk before letting students out. For these two days, students can be dropped off as early as 7:50 am and will be allowed into the school right away.

2. At end of day, we would like to stagger student pick-up to save parking lot congestion and will do so alphabetically:

Families with last names beginning with A-L – 2:00 pm pick-up

Families with last names beginning with M-Z – 2:20 pm pick-up
3. Mr MacArthur, Mrs Murphy, Mr Adams and Mrs Wigmore and Kensington Police will be supervising the parking lot both morning and afternoon.

Thanks for your cooperation,
R MacArthur

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Red and White Day

This Sunday is National Flag Day of Canada. To help celebrate this day, students and staff will be dressing in red and white this Friday, February 13th.canada-flag-stereotypes

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Online Ordering

Exciting times at QEES! We are moving towards online ordering for such things as food, milk, field trips, etc. Our grade ones will be the initial users of this system, running from Feb 9th to the 27th.order

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QEES Science Fair

science fairWe will be having our school Science Fair on Thursday, March 5th. Visitors are welcome to visit the displays from 8:30 am to 10:00 am.

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Upcoming Events at QEES for January, 2015


It’s time for hats, mitts, snow-pants, winter coats and extra socks.  

Classes begin Monday, January 5th.  It will Day Five in the schedule. 

Staff is thankful for your gifts and treats.  We are a very blessed staff to have thankful families to serve.

Donations for the Breakfast Program of cheese whiz, jam and Cheerios are invited. Please do not donate Honey Nut Cheerios, since this is a nut-free school. 

 Delay in Starting Dental Clinic

Due to road damage in western Prince County, the Dental Preventive Clinic was delay in arriving at QEES. It is now scheduled to begin seeing students starting January 6th.  Children will receive an free, initial, two-minute screening.  Consent forms for continued treatment/services will be sent home after the free screening. Please advise your child’s teacher if you do not want the free screening.  Contact 902-888-8145 for more information. This service is not a substitute for annual dental examinations with your family’s dentist.  

School Closure Information

Please visit the English Language School Board for details on school cancellations this winter.  Some important points are summarized below.

  • QEES belongs to the Kensington Family of schools.
  • Listen to the radio between 6:30 – 8:00 a.m., or visit the school board website ( to determine if schools are operating. 
  • Do not call QEES nor the school board, since that will tie up phone lines which may be needed for emergencies.  
  • Ensure your child’s teacher has your School Closure Information  up-to-date plan should school be closed early and your child needs an alternative destination than his or her regular drop-off location.  
  • Children will not be required to play outdoors when the wind chill reaches -20 or below. Please ensure your child has outdoor clothing appropriate for the weather and an extra set of dry mitts, socks, etc., so he or she will comfortable, warm and dry.

QEES logo

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